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Ricky Shuler Trucking Inc. is a bulk commodity transport company that offers multi-modal transloading services for its crude oil and refined products customers in the major oil basins.


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Ricky and Karen Shuler started his business with one truck as an owner Operator in 1998.  In 2006 Ricky Shuler Trucking Inc. was formed and is a long-standing Texas based trucking company on the Midstream or intermediate phase between upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry specifically focused on the storing, and the distribution of crude oil, natural gas, and other energy products.

After thirteen years of organic growth Ricky and Karen Shuler agreed to the asset purchase of Xcalibur Logistics LLC. another Texas based Midstream trucking company in December 2019 doubling the size of the fleet to over 120 operating units.  Nearly all of 120 commercial truck drivers with Ricky Shuler Trucking Inc. are Owner Operators.

With the success of the 2019 asset purchase of Xcalibur Logistics LLC. It has been our corporate mission to become the leading transporter in the crude market, so in February 2022 we expanded the business to become one of the premiere and larger Midstream crude logistics companies by acquiring certain transportation and related assets of NGL Crude Transportation, LLC, again doubling the size of the fleet to over 270 operating units.   This Asset Purchase will not only double the size  of our footprint in the market, but Ricky Shuler Trucking Inc. will begin offering our services to the existing customers of NGL Crude Logistics LLC.


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